About Abundance

The deepest Spirulina farm on earth! We grow our Spirulina under the unique conditions, found only in the Valley of Springs, 245 meters below sea level. We enjoy clean air, warm climate, high sun radiation and plenty of natural brine and sweet water.  

Customer oriented approach - We are geared to meet our customers’ requests, in terms of quality, quantity, content, transparency and more.

Experienced team with outstanding credentials at their respective fields; Bio-technology, Biology, Algea production, Process management, Nutrition and Food, Feed and more.

Scalable and modular, replicable model of a high quality Spirulina production site

Exclusive cluster of endemic Spirulina species, allowing stability, by thriving in a wide range of conditions.

Proprietary unique raw food drying process as well as reliable supply of high quality fresh and frozen-fresh Spirulina.

Packaging and making Spirulina accessible to all, in various forms and products, under our own brands or any private or white lable of our customers.