About Abundance

Spirulina. High Quality. Big Volumes.

Abundance is a bio-technology company, specializing in mass production of high-quality, pure Spirulina and Spirulina based products.

By operating innovative, scalable Spirulina production facilities, we provide the demand of various Spirulina markets.

We provide our customers pure Spirulina, as well as a range of Spirulina end- products, often customized to their respective needs.

Our commitment:

  • Quality. Uncompromised high quality, pure Spirulina. Subject to rigorous quality control standards.
  • Transparency. We take pride in our production process. Our customers are welcome to all information and are encouraged to visit production sites and processes.
  • Reliability. Carefully selected and innovatively blended Spirulina lines allow us to guarantee stable supply of high quantities, year round.
  • Innovation. Our core value. Led by R&D and shared by the entire team.
  • On Demand. Customized - yet non GMO - Spirulina and products, to meet the specific needs of our customers.
  • Responsibility. Efficient and sustainable usage of resources, zero environmental footprints.
  • Passion. The entire team is Spirulina enthusiastic. Regularly consuming our own Spirulina.
  • Witnessing its benefits, we are committed to making it accessible and affordable to all.